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Is 3D Printing the Future of Consumer Products?

By | 2015-11-06T07:53:45-08:00 July 30th, 2013|Technology|

  While 3D printing may be the most exciting and innovative development of the past decade, the future of a number of industries may soon be inevitably altered by the introduction of what techies are calling the "3D Printing Revolution." Worries of entire markets being wiped out due to widespread adoption are a bit myopic and premature, but it would be remiss to suggest a few industries aren't sweating the potential ramifications. 3D printing combines the precise creation process of 3D modeling with an equally precise production mechanism capable of mimicking three-dimensional blueprints to the millimeter. Also known as additive [...]

Your secret ISN’T safe with me!

By | 2013-06-04T21:37:01-07:00 March 19th, 2013|Featured, Politics, Technology|

  For centuries, mankind has thrived on selective anonymity. Have a bad day? Lay low at home where nobody can find or reach you. Unfortunately, these days, being able to disappear completely from any radar is a luxury few can afford. 1 false step can make you the next GIF sensation. 1 bad interview can turn into a viral career-killer faster than you can say "cornball brother." Just ask any celebrity, athlete or politician: the dissemination of information created by our technological growth as a society has drastically reduced our margin for error as individuals. The overarching problems are simple: [...]