The Secret Inner Workings of the Pyramids

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It is a question as old as civilization itself. How in the world, did primitive people built the Great Pyramid of Giza over 4,500 years ago?  How did they build something  that was 481 feet tall and remained the tallest building in the world for 3,871 years until the London Cathedral was built in 1311? How did they quarry 2 millions blocks of limestones and granite that weighed 10-30 tons each and transport them 500 miles to the construction site? How did they amass a structure that weighed 6 million tons and can be seen all the way from the mountains [...]

Phantom Time: A Heist Story

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Would it be possible to steal three centuries from the Medieval world? Well at least their perception of time... This feat may sound ridiculous, but it would have been much easier to pull off when most people were illiterate, had little understanding of the calendar, and were both more fearful and more trusting of their rulers. Back in the Middle Ages, if you were a ruler and really wanted it to be 300 years later...then perhaps you could teleport your whole kingdom into the future just by decree.  Besides, anyone who opposes you could be threatened with death. Its good to be King - [...]