New Series: In Doubt Delight

It has been a few years since my last post. Perhaps I needed to live a bit before I continued to write. Or perhaps, that is simply the lie I tell myself to feel better about this lapse. Either way, in my quietest moments, I still feel called to write and share my writing. And while I have been away from this blog, I have not been away from writing entirely. I was a part of a movement within the medical community where I wrote to change antiquated views on an underserved disease. And, in my personal time, I began writing this book on belief. Belief is so foundational to our lives, yet so often overlooked and taken for granted.

In the next few posts, I will be releasing chapters from my book. It is not yet completed, but hopefully, in releasing it bit by bit, I am challenged to continue. It is a book meant to help give guidance to young adults searching for a way to create a life of their own and challenge them to build a foundation worth building upon. A belief in a world of doubt, a belief found through doubt itself.

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