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205, 2016

We are the Sims

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Think back to the video games of your childhood.  Imagine that one of the characters in your favorite game had such advanced programing that the character itself became "conscious."  What would this character in this video game simulation think?  What would it believe? However strange it may seem, new evidence has [...]

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2402, 2016

Let’s Build a Warpdrive

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If you have read our recent article, or any like it, then you already know about the incredible discovery of Einstein's predicted gravitational waves.  And so, it is time for us to "nerd out" imagining what new technologies could arise from the discovery. It is time for us to build a Warp Drive. Yes, [...]

What is the largest animal ever to have lived?

The Blue Whale, so big you could swim through its veins.

When did Albert Einstein have his epiphany for the General Theory of Relativity?

While having a dream about electrocuting cows.

What is the most common scientific explanation for the uniqueness of our universe?

The Everett Many Worlds Theory: an idea that we live in only one of a multitude or infinity of parallel universes.

Number of men who walked on the moon.
Amount of time that astronaut, Sergei Krikalev, has time traveled due to general relativity.
Years ago the population of the world was only 1 billion, today it is over 7.6 billion.
Number of weeks in a average human’s life.
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