My Blind Faith

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Oh I’m a Christian, so I don’t believe in that” is no longer a valid excuse for ignoring concrete scientific facts.  And so it is time for all Christians (including myself) to wake up into the modern scientific age and ask some tough questions about our beliefs or be left at the kids table with the guy who is way too old to still believe in Santa Clause.

Christianity needs a scientific revolution.

A pursuit as noble as seeking the truth found in Christ has somehow made enemies with a pursuit of the same family; Science, the pursuit of truth found in nature.   Christians have hid behind the gates of their intellectual castles, ignoring advancement and starving for natural truths, but it is time to tear down the walls.

Where did this great divide make birth?

During the height of the Catholic Church, Science was a top priority.  The Church commissioned many astronomers, mathematicians, biologists, and  physicists to go out and prove their beliefs correct.  This was no new concept.  Mankind has always sought out to prove itself right, even in the face of conflicting evidence.  Some cultures would even call this trait noble.  Devout.  Persevering.

What was new was the scientific method.  In 1621, Francis Bacon (influenced by Galileo and Copernicus) invented a mode of thinking as revolutionary as it was simple.

Bacon proposed that we strip away our bias to see the world not as we wish it to be, but as it really is.

And from this simple idea came a new age of discovery.  Scientists held truth as their most coveted aim.  Unfortunately, the Church was full of bias.

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